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Ph.D.  Genomic Medicine / Bioinformatics

Georgia Regents University, Augusta, GA

General Information
My research focus is development of biologically meaningful algorithms for comprehensive analysis and visualization of high throughput data by incorporating biological knowledge and rigorous computational/statistical methods. I work with an interdisciplinary team to carry out bioinformatics analysis and pursue research projects in collaboration with other biologists. In our center we use high-throughput experimental methodologies such as gene expression microarrays, physical and genetic interaction mapping, genomic sequencing, and tandem mass spectrometry.  Both computational and biological aspects are required for analysis of these data for greater understanding of molecular processes. 

My research interests are:
• To develop algorithms and analytic approaches for genomic and proteomic data analysis and integration. 
• Solve the challenges in genomic data analysis, and implement these solutions in usable software tools.
• Working with an interdisciplinary team, carry out bioinformatics analyses, and pursue research projects in collaboration with other biologists.
• To integrate microRNA expression and mRNA expression data. 
• Independently utilize web resources (such as Entrez, RefSeq, GEO, BLAST), visualization tools, genome assemblies, and available analysis software to analyze genomic data.
• Establish procedures and work-flow for routine data analysis.

Course Director: GNMD 8050: Computatinoal Methods in Genomics and Genetics

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